Update 19 October 2018

Dear Deru Community:

We have two important developments this week:

1) Our beta version is open. http://jungle.deru.io/home

You can create an account in the Jungle Testnet, here: http://jungle.cryptolions.io/

and connect it to a key pair in Scatter.

Please feel free to poke around, OR, if you prefer, you can wait for me to make a video about how to test Deru Beta.

2) We are in intenstive talks with EOS Metals about merging our efforts. Their project “Tungsten” is almost exactly the same as Deru. We’ve been corresponding for a while now about how to make the most of our efforts. In today’s conference call we discussed the possibility of building a protocol, and have

What do you think? Please let us know by replying to his email, or by joining the discussion in our telegram channel: https://t.me/DeruTruthBonds

Put your EOS where your mouth is!

-Project Deru team